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Topics: Crystals, crystal growth, epitaxy, solution growth, melt growth, substrate, MBE, LPE, VPE, thermodynamic, dislocations, point defects, twin, twinning, grain boundary, molecular beam, vapour phase epitaxy, liquid phase epitaxy, nucleation, non-conventional nucleation, epitaxial growth, thin films, thick film, nanowires, quantum well, quantum dot, biocrystallization, crystallization, multi-layer, vapour-liquid-solid, VLS, sputtering, pulsed laser deposition, PLD, pulsed electron deposition, PED, magnetic materials, hybrid materials, solar cells, semiconductors, substrate mismatch, kinetic factor, Jackson model, Temkin model, periodic bond chain, summer school, island nucleation, kink, step flow, Gibbs isotherm, wetting layer